Enhanced Screen Capture Videos

As your prospects move further along in the customer journey, it’s time to show them exactly how your product works with an enhanced screen capture video.

Minimize churn by improving customer onboarding with videos that address frequently asked questions, all while reducing customer service costs.

What sets this apart from a DIY solution you might produce in-house using free software, is in the added production value which helps to highlight key features of your software interface and dashboards. Recording the voice-over in our professionally treated sound booth avoids the distraction of poor audio. We can also recreate some elements from scratch and edit for time, making for a much more engaging viewing experience.

Our Clients

Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked with clients in a variety of industries including FinTech, Blockchain, HealthTech, SaaS, Wireless Comms, Transportation, Wearables, Retail, Payments, and Security.

Karen Taylor
NuData Security, a Mastercard Company
Marketing Coordinator

As a more complicated product, we were struggling to communicate our message and visualize its illustration.

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